The days of taking a stroll around the shops are on the wane as most of us get our retail fix with just the click of a finger. As the pandemic hit and the high street was forced to shut its doors, more and more of us turned to online stores – and those that picked up on this certainly reaped the rewards. As we emerge into our new normal, it seems this trend is here to stay.


According to Hootsuite’s Global State of Digital, social media adoption surged last year, with its platforms gaining 490 million new users – that’s 15.5 new users every second. Mind blown!

More than half of the world’s population – a staggering 4.2 billion people – are social media scrollers with the average user spending 2 hours and 25 minutes on one platform or the other, every day (hands up, ours might be a little higher than that).

The Hootsuite survey also reveals roughly 60% of us visited some kind of online retailer in the past month, with more than half shopping or browsing online every week. When it comes to selling on social media, Instagram ads reached 20% of everyone in the world over the age of 13; while over on Facebook 18.3% of users made a purchase through the platform last year.


Gone are the days of expensive print advertising to reach your audience because, let’s face it, this option was only available to those businesses that were willing to fork out thousands to appear in a magazine or newspaper. Now, for a fraction of the cost, more and more companies are opting for paid social media posts which give them access to a large audience of potential customers.

Because advertising on social media allows you to set a day by day budget, you can decide how much you want to spend, who you want to reach and how they can contact you. You can target specific audiences for a set fee, which is great news for those smaller brands with even smaller budgets.

You can also track performance – something you’re not able to do with print adverts – with a range of analytics tools that show reach and impressions. By keeping an eye on the figures, you can see what works well and what doesn’t and gear any future posts accordingly.

However, sponsored posts have become a very saturated market and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. That’s where a social media agency can help – they can use their skills and expertise to get your voice heard by working out what’s trending and who’s talking about what to ensure you’re in the right place at the right time.

At Explode, we offer a free social media audit where we take a look at what you’re doing at the moment and see how we can elevate that.

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